In this scene, it is set in a street in Rome. It shows Artemidorus reading a letter that he has written to prove that Brutus, Cassius and the other conspirators

In this scene, Caesar is meant to go to the Senate House. However, his wife, Calpurnia wants him to not go. This is because she had a dream ¬†about Caesar being a fountain. In her dream, there are people drinking his blood as it is pouring from various holes in his body. She sees this […]

The theme that I have chosen is fiction because I read a lot of fiction books. I feel that fiction books give you a completely different life and like you’re in another world.

How has Shakespeare shown Antony’s reaction to Caesar’s murder? Shakespeare has shown Antony’s reaction to Caesar’s murder by portraying Antony as someone that is clever and strong and loved Caesar, who was his leader or mentor. He uses a lot of figurative language to show Antony’s feelings and emotions. Antony meets with Caesar’s assassins to […]

Brutus is in his garden and he has now decided that he must kill Caesar. It says, “It must be by his death.” I think that the ‘it’ is the tyranny that Caesar could bring to Rome if he was made king. He thinks that if Caesar was king, it would not be good for […]

‘The torrent roar’d, and we did buffet it.’ This quote shows personification and I believe that it has been used here so you can imagine how rough the water and how stormy the day was when Cassius supposedly saved Caesar from drowning. ‘The torrent roar’d’ means that the water was choppy and that it was […]